What Are the Most Popular Car Racing Games?

Thirty years ago, you could actually find individuals who could not explain what a video game system was. Today, virtually everyone has heard of an X-Box or a PS3. With the popularity of these gaming systems came the advent of many popular video games.

One of the most popular genres is the car racing games. These games depict very realistic characters and vehicles. Age does not seem to come into play, as everyone loves them. However, there are certain types of sports auto racing entertainments that are more popular with certain age groups than others.

One of the auto racing games that has stood the test of time is the Need for Speed series. The series first appeared on the car auto racing game scene in 1998. It has been a gaming favorite ever since. All of the games in this series are similar in one aspect; they offer no frills thrills to the gamer. The gamer is offered a variety of races and then attempts to win.

By winning through the different races the players are able to unlock different vehicles, different tracks and even special features that will allow them to extend their game play and give them even more exciting gaming play. This very popular series of car racing videos has won the hearts of many gamers and continues to grow in popularity.

One of the most popular car auto racing games with younger individuals is the Mario Kart series. This series of car racing games has truly stood the test of time. Many older individuals remember playing the original Mario Bros games, and Mario Kart keeps those characters alive and up to their old tricks. The game combines some of the old familiar types of play, such as collecting coins with driving go-karts and facing new challenges.

Mario Kart can be great fun for even the gamer that really isn’t into auto racing games. It provides lots of action and fun and the continuing amount of titles keep you longing for the newest game to play in this fantasy auto racing category.

Car racing games seem to appeal to individuals of all age groups and even to people of all walks of life. Some individuals love to play all types of games, while others are more into car racing sports games. Whatever type of game the gamer loves to play, there are many different auto racing games available on the market to keep them paying for hours.

Fantasy Football – Head 2 Head Game Playing

Training camps are opened up, most of this year’s draft picks are signed, and preseason games are being played. This opens the way for fantasy football games.

What is fantasy football? Here is a brief explanation for those of you who are unfamiliar with it. It is a game where you draft your own NFL football team and compete with teams built by others in your league. This game is usually done online. The way you get points is based on the player’s real statistical performance in current games or by the teams wins and losses. You can join leagues online and the winner is usually determined by the team with the most points at the end of the season or the winner could be determined like in real life football season where they play weekly and at the end the team with the best win record is the winner.

There are many websites online where you can create your own private league. You send a special invitation to the people you would like to join. You can also join a league online where they have an open invitation. The private leagues are fun because it is a great way to enjoy the game with family and friends. Gives you something to talk about at family gatherings or at work.

What better way to brag to your buddies about your superior football knowledge than by beating them with a fantasy football team that you put together? We all know the guy who thinks he knows everything about football, but never manages to keep his team out of the cellar in the standings.

Fantasy football leagues have changed the way in which we watch football games. Head to head competition amongst your pals. Imagine this scenario: You are watching the Seahawks vs the Cardinals. The Cardinals have the ball on the Seahawk 7 yard line, but instead of cheering for the team to score you are cheering for Anquain Boldin because you are in a close game with you buddy from work who has Larry Fitzgerald the Cardinals other top receiver. Don’t just pick good football players be sure to pick a few of the great ones. One that falls into this category is the quarterback fro the New England Patriots Tom Brady.

Also in-between plays and sometimes even during plays viewers have their eyes glued to the bottom line. Not to check the scores around the league, but instead the fantasy alert which keeps viewers updated on who is scoring the touchdowns in every game.

Sports Illustrated. The Sporting News, and ESPN the magazines all come out with annual fantasy football magazines that offer cheat sheets, predictions, and strategies for dominating leagues. Throughout the season they also have small portions of their magazines where they update their strategies and ranking of players.

There is in abundance of information out there to dominate your league. Now its time for you to go out there; find the right information, join a league, and show of your football knowledge to your buddies or be the guy stuck in the cellar.

An Introduction To Fantasy Football

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, we are talking about American football here, you know the sport with the funny shaped ball! Anyway, let’s not waste time on semantics I have stuff to do.

The way fantasy football works is like this, every participant or owner as we are called in the Fantasy Sports World, drafts or buys through an auction a team of players. For the purposes of this introduction we are going to assume the fantasy football league is NFL, but it could also be based on college players. The way the actual completion plays out depends upon the individual fantasy football league you happen to belong to. In some fantasy football leagues the winner is determined by total points at the end of a season, while others actually play against each other weekly with the team having the best record at the end of the fantasy season being declared winner of that fantasy football league.

The internet has been responsible for taking fantasy football from a hobby played out in sports bars and individual homes to a multi-billion dollar industry now according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. According to the FSTA, nearly twenty million players participate in fantasy sports and the industry has a growth rate of around ten percent. Fantasy Football is the most popular of all the fantasy sports available and continues to grow even faster with the explosion of websites and software to help with the game as well as the proliferation of fantasy football magazines available today.

Most fantasy football leagues will be made up of around ten or twelve individual teams which will have their own mock drafts before the season starts. Because you are drafting real players and their performance really matters it pays to stay in touch with what is going on with them during the off season and pre-season. For example if you draft a Ricky Williams and he decides to go off and smoke dope, too bad, you are screwed out of a running back! In some fantasy football leagues each owner must draft a new team every year, while in others you may be allowed to keep a handful of players which will not be entered in the draft. Some leagues have even gone as far as to create so-called dynasty leagues where an owner may maintain his team from the previous season and only draft incoming rookies. This is very similar to how a real football league works.

Players that are not drafted are designated as “free agents” and may be chosen during the season by trading players that an owner may currently have and making them free agents. The rules that govern this practice vary from league to league.

What is Fantasy Rugby?

Fantasy Rugby is essentially the same as any fantasy sport. It is usually an online game where players act as managers and owners of a sports team consisting of real life players reflecting their actual contribution to a sports team in a game. The owner buys the players and uses them to compete with other fantasy owners competing in the league. The owners accrue points based on the statistics generated by those individual players in their respective sport.

How successful players are is generally reflected in their cost, which limits how many super star players an owner can have in his or her team. A team owner has the ability to sell, buy, and replace players as they wish. However, these trades are usually limited.

Fantasy sports have become popular throughout the world. The most common international fantasy sports are fantasy soccer, cricket, and rugby. In the United States Fantasy Baseball and American Football are extremely popular. Fantasy Australian-rules football is popular in Australia, and Fantasy Rugby League is gathering a large following as well.

Each sport chooses key performance indicators, whether they be a big, like scoring points for their team, or small like catching a ball. These are accumulated while points are deducted for mistakes a player makes throughout the game. What makes Fantasy Rugby so interesting is the amount of performance indicators available. Players compete at lineouts, scrums, at the ruck, they make tackles, they catch and pass, they break the line and break tackles, and of course they score tries and kick goals. All of these situations are turned into points for your player to accumulate or lose.

The wide variety of point scoring opportunities and different player types make Fantasy Rugby a compelling and competitive online game for rugby fans. Most competitions capture the nuances of rugby, so the tight forwards get the opportunity to contribute as well as the flashy backs. As with all fantasy sports, it makes the watching of games even more exciting for sports fans, as they watch for what their fantasy team players are doing on the field.

Fantasy Sports Go Political

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association has hired its first federal lobbyist as part of a political campaign to protect its financial interests and to expand into states that ban betting (even on fictional team). Now fantasy sports have officially joined politics in the real world.

Fantasy sport leagues exist in a variety of sports including football, baseball, basketball, hockey and more. In these leagues, fans are allowed to created mock teams of real-life players who will compete in pretend franchises. They are a big part of American sports and growing more in popularity and size with each year and season.

Travis McCoy registered to lobby on the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s behalf in May and says, “We are trying to allow people to play their games and have a good time.”

McCoy is a former aide to House Speaker John Boehner and treasurer of the association’s newly formed PAC. He is also an avid fantasy football, baseball, basketball and hockey player so he understands what these type of sports really mean to the fan.

U.S. sports fantasy sites drew 312 million visits last month with the start of the National Football League’s regular season, a 12% increase over September 2010, according to Matt Tatham of Experian Hitwise. Fantasy sports generates an estimated $2 billion per year and more than 30 million people play.

That facts and figures show us how popular fantasy sports are. There are TV shows and websites dedicated to it, experts on this subject and now, even a political lobbyist. Almost a dozen states still have laws against the games and the prizes that are offered via fantasy sports and the organization hopes to change that.

$6,000 has been spent so far towards the lobby but Louis M. Maione, CEO of RotoMedia, says it is just the beginning. Even though fantasy sports are already boasting some large numbers, it is just now entering popular culture. In the years to come, we can expect to see many more people on board.

As a fan, this is great news since the lobbying will aim to overturn laws that prevent players and owners from collecting prizes in many states and it will work to make it more mainstream and acceptable just like regular professional sports.

With someone lobbying for this cause, what would you ask for? What would you like to see changed with existing laws and regulations surrounding fantasy sports?